Your Pentest Advisors

We speak Pentest so you don't have to!

You have had a pentest performed, but the final report does not meet your expectations? Poorly written, a lot of text but little helpful information? The recommendations for action are also less practical than promised?

We know the problems only too well. Unfortunately, far too often corners are cut on the report during a pentest!

What makes a good report?

As short as possible, as long as necessary. For decision-makers as well as for engineers!

A report must be comprehensible, understandable and relevant for the customer. It must be designed in such a way that you immediately know what to do next and how.

For us, a good report is a top priority. Clear design, comprehensible structure, understandable texts. As short as possible, as long as necessary.

For decision makers as well as for technicians!

Who tests the testers?

A true pentest must be performed manually to a large extent. Predominantly automated vulnerability analyses are less expensive, but of course also less in-depth. Unfortunately, many providers cheat a bit here. Expensive pentests are sold, but no manual analysis is carried out. This is often difficult for customers to detect.

This is where we come in: We help you classify pentest results:

  • Was a deep manual test performed or just a superficial scan?
  • Do the findings, risk ratings and recommendations make sense?
  • What are the next steps to a more secure infrastructure?

Understand your pentest report now! For free!

We are happy to help you understand and “translate” a pentest report. So that you can take the right measures and sustainably move your IT security forward.

We will not leave you on your own!