As an IT security company that offers ethical hacking, a moral compass is particularly important. Therefore, we committed ourselves to our values from the very beginning and enshrined them in our articles of association.

Human dignity

The protection of human dignity is a central and indisputable point of our corporate identity.

Furthermore, we are committed to the responsible use of funds, always considering the impact of our investments.

We are committed to fair working conditions, work-life balance and diversity in the workplace.

Our corporate goal is to make IT systems more secure and thus protect all personal data processed by these systems.

Solidarity and social justice

We stand in solidarity with our employees and strive to provide a fair working environment. Equal working conditions and salaries for comparable fields of activity are a matter of course for us.

In order to achieve our goal of improving IT security, we are committed to cooperating with other companies and promoting the open source idea.

Furthermore, we are committed to a responsible approach to security vulnerabilities, with the aim of ensuring that vulnerabilities known to us can be remedied in all affected systems in a timely manner.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the key issues of the 21st century. We are aware of this responsibility and strive to act as sustainably as possible.

To this end, we strive to

  • use renewable energies,
  • promote ecological behaviour among our employees and
  • align our supply chain with sustainable options.

Transparency and co-determination

Transparency allows us to verify our claims.

Therefore, we are committed to transparent communication with our employees and customers.

Our employees are actively involved in the decision-making process regarding the direction of the company. In addition to transparent corporate governance, this is intended to ensure an employee-friendly working environment in the long term.