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Attack simulation

Attack simulations as part of Red Team Assessments or TIBER are an essential test of your existing hardening measures and safeguards.

Penetration test

Penetration tests are an essential part of your information security management system (ISMS) to gain an in-depth understanding of the security level of your IT systems.

Vulnerability assessment

In a vulnerability assessment, a specific asset, for example a web application, is automatically examined for vulnerabilities in order to obtain an impression of the corresponding security level as cost-effectively as possible.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

With our OSINT analysis, we offer a realistic assessment of a company’s external technical attack surface. Your company through the eyes of an attacker.

Cloud audit

We offer comprehensive support in the realm of cloud computing: from conception to deployment, whether DevSecOps or GitOps, Kubernetes or serverless, agile or conventional.

Code Review

Application security does not start with the finished product. Code reviews can significantly increase the quality of the application already during the development process.


The entire variety of IT systems and software solutions can only be poured into ready-made products and consulting services to a limited extent. We are happy to offer individual consultations on all security-related topics.