Penetration testing, red teaming, code reviews and more.

Attack simulation & Red Teaming

During Red Team assessments, like TIBER, we mimic an attacker trying to access your most valuable assets: Whether it’s customer data, company secrets or critical systems.

We put your existing hardening measures to the test and help you pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities.

Penetration test

During penetration tests, we put the security of your IT systems to the test. Whether it’s a web application, an ancient mainframe, an entire network or a historically grown Java monolith. Vulnerabilities are as versatile as the systems. We find them, so you can fix them.

Vulnerability assessment

You have a system and want a cost-effective overview of the current security level? Whether web application, network or database server: Our vulnerability assessment is just what you need.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

With our OSINT analysis, we offer a realistic assessment of a company’s external technical attack surface. Your company through the eyes of an attacker.

Cloud audit

You have systems in the cloud or plan on migrating? We offer comprehensive support in the realm of cloud computing: from conception to deployment, whether DevSecOps or GitOps, Kubernetes or serverless, agile or conventional.

Secure Code Review

Application security does not start with the finished product. External code reviews help to significantly increase the quality of your application. The sooner the better: An outside perspective can be especially useful during the early phase of development.

Physical Security

The best IT security is worthless if the attacker is in the server room. Our physical security assessments examine your building security under realistic conditions and help you secure your most valuable assets.


Still haven’t found a suitable solution? Don’t worry. We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in IT security. That’s why we are happy to offer individual consultations on all security-related topics to find a tailor-made solution that you and your company actually need.

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