The four founders of Lutra Security offer a wealth of expertise. As experienced IT security consultants, we know the problems our customers face and therefore see our job as making a lasting difference.

David Müller

Managing director and co-founder

A company must be secured as a whole, from the web application to the employees to the last window screw.
– David

Emanuel Böse

Managing director and co-founder

The need for IT security is all too often forgotten at home. This is another reason why it is important to raise people’s awareness of this topic, both professionally and privately.
– Emanuel

Konstantin Weddige

Managing director and co-founder

The most important job of IT security is to make risks understandable. My ambition is to live up to this challenge with Lutra Security.
– Konstantin

Stefan Feuerstein

Managing director and co-founder

IT security likes to market itself with exaggerated scare tactics. Respect for the topic is important, but important decisions must not be driven by fear.
– Stefan